Shanghai 24/7 – The Lady of Larkspur Lotion & Something Unspoken

The Lady of Larkspur Lotion: [Elena Yeo’s] Southern accent is spot-on… and as sweet and thick as molasses. The accent, combined with the wailing saxophone and the humid, steamy temperatures of the Shanghai summer… transports the audience to a boarding house in the French Quarter.

Something Unspoken… is a superb and subtle two-person performance about a rich woman, Miss Cornelia Scott (Andre McKay) and her long time live-in secretary, Miss Grace Lancaster (Elena Yeo)… Perhaps the most telling perspectives, as well as the best acting, comes from what the characters do not say.

These two Williams plays, while seldom-performed, display his work at its finest and director Ann James makes a memorable debut as a director for East West Theatre.

Kate Robards
Shanghai 24/7