The Real Inspector Hound & Lady of Larkspur Lotion

Tennessee Williams’ Lady of Larkspur Lotion & Something Unspoken
directed by Ann James

Tom Stoppard’s The Real Inspector Hound
directed by Christy Shapiro

Three one-act plays exploring the personal identities we choose for ourselves and the blurred boundaries of reality.

Tennessee Williams poster designed by Weny Soetana
The Real Inspector Hound poster designed by Diana Yeo 

The Lady of Larkspur Lotion is a brief, yet intensely evocative, character study. In a rundown French Quarter boarding house, Mrs Hardwick-Moore, chooses to remain blanketed in her delusional dream world, despite its conflict with the reality presented to her by a brusque landlady.

Something Unspoken presents grand-dame, Miss Cornelia Scott, and her secretary, Grace. Within their complex codependent relationship tension is lurking. Something is unacknowledged, but the situation is about to come to a head.

The Real Inspector Hound introduces us to two theatre critics – Moon and Birdboot, who are watching a ludicrous setup of a country house murder mystery. They are inexorably drawn into the action, the fourth wall crumbles, realities become intertwined, and nothing is safe from parody, satire, or absurdism.

When: 8pm on Friday 29th June, Saturday 30th June, Sunday 1st July; Wednesday 4th, Thursday 5th, Friday 6th, and Saturday 7th July.
Venue: Mansion Veranda Restaurant & Bar, 5th Floor, Mansion Hotel, 82 Xinle Lu (near Xiangyang Lu) 新乐路82号,近襄阳北路
Metro: Shaanxi Nan Lu (Lines 1 & 10)

Photographs by Hoon Choi

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