Masque’rade: Macabre Tales From Poe

East West Theatre presents Masque'rade Macabre Tales from Edgar Allan Poe

design by Devos Li, with thanks to Milky Yang

In honor of the mysterious death of Edgar Allan Poe on 7th October 1849,
In honor of Edgar Allan Poe’s mastery of the macabre,
In honor of the month of October, ripe with pagan significance, a thin veil between the living and the dead,

Prince Prospero cordially invites you to attend a most peculiar fête: a voluptuous scene, a masquerade.

Come to meet the lords and dames, the buffoons and improvisatori, the ballet-dancers, the musicians, the Beauty. Come for a haunting celebration of the mysterious and the macabre. Come to meet the living and the dead. Come to meet the dreams and the poems. Come as you are, in gothick dress, or masquerade attire. Come for the red wine, Poe’s favorite libation. But heed the warning: be wary of things moving in the corner of your eye.

Masque’rade: Macabre Tales From Poe

adapted from the writings of Edgar Allan Poe by Christy Shapiro.

When: 8pm October 9th – 13th (Wednesday – Sunday)
Where: Rooftop Events Space, 7F Anken Green, 668 Huai’an Lu near Xi Suzhou Lu (closest metro Hanzhong Lu, Line 1).

A free glass of red wine will be provided for those attending in gothick dress or masquerade attire.

For reservations and further information:
Call: 182.0216.4553
Or RSVP online




…a thoroughly well devised and seamlessly executed production which achieves that most difficult of tasks, to stimulate genuine horror within the viewer, and belies EWT’s amateur status.

…East West Theatre have created a thrilling and apt entry into the month of Halloween; a captivating journey through the depths of human depravity and the mortification which stalks our every move.

-Dom Bangay-Wilding
Shanghai 24/7

Read the full review here.

Production photos

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Behind the Scenes

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Featuring: Andra McKay, Barbara K. Anderlič, Daniel Cai, Eating Deng, Elena De Salvatore, Eric J. Heise, Esperanza Guerrero  Ciudad, Fern Lim, Jason Lasky, Julia Carey, Kate Erksine, Mirren Childs, Mustaq Missouri, Sara Martinez Sanz

Director: Christy Shapiro
Producer: Fiona Pollard
Stage Manager: Felix Giron
Asst. Producer: Barbara K. Anderlič
Asst. Stage Manager: Emma Nikki Huang
Emergency Stage Manager: Robin Silver
Choreographer: Katie Baszner
Press Photography: Linda Li
Props Manager: Sujata Satyavrata
Set Designer: Sonja Castañeda-Cudney
Poster Design: Devos Li and Milky Yang
Make-up/Hair: Amanda Daniels
Photographer/videographer: Sarah Martindale
Sound Operator: Bianca Chelu
Lighting Operator: Shayla Alfonzo
Costumes Assistant: Didi Dai
Properties Sourcing: Eating Deng


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