A Streetcar Named Desire | REVIEWS

A Streetcar Named Desire | REVIEWS


Blanche and Stanley

Stella and Stanley










Directed by: Christy Shapiro

With: Natasha Portwood, Aaron Garcia, and Jenni Taylor

Photos: Eric J Heise & Alessio Avazzaro (cover)

“Director Christy Shapiro tactfully brings a sense of old Southern charm to Shanghai in this intimate amateur production of Tennessee Williams’s drama…

As Kowalski, Aaron Garcia does not let anyone, especially Blanche and Stella, forget that he is the man of the house. His constant forward lean, clenched fists, and menacing snarl are enough for those both on and offstage to recognise that he is not someone to be messed with…

Likewise, no one can escape the intensity of Natasha Portwood’s distant gazes for Blanche’s frequent emotion-strewn soliloquies…

This enthralling performance at The Pearl Theatre will provide you with a night of blues, live jazz singing, and cicadas. As Blanche and Stanley take their many swigs of bourbon, sip some with them and watch the drama unfold… ”

Jennifer Lu, Time Out Shanghai – Full review HERE

Blanche and Stella Embrace

“Although well-known, the production is commendable. Natasha Portwood shines as the alluring and stylish heroine Blanche Du Bois. Her performance is vivid, complex and nuanced, bringing out the damaged Southern belle’s desperation and solitude, yearning for love and lyricism…

It is hard to say that the production gives the audience a feeling of being emerged in the experience, but with the bar beside the stage, the sensational environment created by The Pearl‘s red lights and cigarette smoke, a glass of wine paired with the final vivid sexual confrontation between Blanche and Stanley leaves an impression and makes you feel like a voyeur into the private lives of the characters on stage…

But you can go a bit beyond a voyeur in this show — it’s an intimate, participative and friendly environment. You get to see the expressions close-up on their faces, hear the strain in Stanley’s screaming, and catch a more intimate glimpse of erotic desire floating up and down the stage…”

Dora Su, City Weekend – Full review HERE 


Blanche and Fan