That’s Shanghai – The Real Inspector Hound

Crowning the night in what must rank as one of the best productions ever put on by a locally based English-language theater troupe is The Real Inspector Hound.

The two leads are truly standout: Arran Hawkins is inspired as Moon, the bitter, disenchanted second-string theater critic desperate to prove his intelligence and wit; rarely has his comedic timing been so flawless or his characterization so consistently hilarious… in fine form as the womanizing reviewer Birdboot is Mustaq Missouri, ready at an instant to burst into histrionic soliloquies at the slightest provocation with his sonorous voice.

There is not one actor who fails to do justice to the diverse roll of ridiculous characters…

Tom Stoppard’s script is genius and it is immensely pleasing to see it pulled off with such panache. In East West’s The Real Inspector Hound, new standards have been set for the local theater scene.

Tom Lee
That’s Shanghai