Giving Back

To support both local and international organizations, EWT donates a percentage of the proceeds of all EWT shows towards a selected cause, chosen by the EWT committee switching between organizations in the East and the West.

Current Charity
logo2East West Theatre supports Olivia’s Place Foundation, a charity with locations in both Shanghai and Beijing which provides high quality, affordable pediatric therapy.

Offering occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, educational and clinical psychology services, and learning support services for both local and expatriate children from birth to adolescence. Their multinational staff provide high-quality, individualized, child-centered care. They are also committed to community outreach through pro bono work and teaching via educational programming.

The Olivia’s Place Foundation is a way of giving back to the local community in Shanghai. Donations to the foundation are used to offset the standard cost of therapy for families in financial need. Funds granted will be determined on a case-by-case basis that takes into consideration both the family’s financial situation and the severity of the child’s needs.

Previous charities: Africa Volunteer Corps (2011)