EWT supports local creativity

EWT supports local creativity

Kinokabaret Participant Calling

Register Date:12 September—22 October

50 people per session total two sessions

Are you passionate about make movies? Do you have creative ideas? Do you want have more opportunities to practice your skills and meet new cool people? If you are director, writer, actor, photographer, musician and artist etc, Shanghai Kino wants you!!!

2nd Shanghai International KinoKabaret will be held on October 24 to October 30. The event has been support by Montreal KINO, Shanghai Holmes Changle College, Shanghai Holmes Changle College, East&West Theatre, Jiansu Zhiyuan U5 Live Studio QSW Art Center etc. We invited filmmakers are from Canada, France, Germany,Russia,Chinese nationals and Foreigners living in China.

Register email: contact@shanghaikino.com

Register web: www.shanghaikino.com

Register link: http://www.sojump.com/jq/3766647.aspx2014 电影周海报